Sunday, December 7, 2008

A critical future

After a semester of critical thinking, writing and everything in between, I've grown to appreciate a critic. I said early in the semester that I didn't turn to critics often. But, then I found myself reading critical writings a lot and just not realizing it was that. Before I buy anything now, I always read reviews and I have found that, like most online stores, has previous customers review their purchases. This is a great tool for anyone to be able to have valid information about a product before purchasing it. Now more than ever I feel a print critics time is coming to the end, if they don't see the light at the end of the tunnel yet, they soon will. Online review sites, or just general sites, seem to be constantly reviewing everything. You don't have to pick up a newspaper to find whats good or bad, you just type in a simple Google search and there you are. Instant info!

I never wanted to be a critic but found that I've always been one anyway. So, I plan to continue our food blog in my hometown if for nothing else to just continue writing until I find a full-time position. I have found that working with a group means everyone makes compromises especially while working with two perfectionist (and excellent) editors like Jenny and Lola. Unfortunately for me, I crumbled and gave in to Jenny and Lola's ideas instead of standing my ground, but our blog turned out great either way. I think extending my experience to my own food blog will allow me to be more creative and since I'm the boss, I'll only have to take suggestions and not follow them. I've also already talked with my hometown newspaper about a position when I get home and hope to talk to the editor more about writing reviews. I probably want be getting paid much, but I think that critical writing and thinking could help me be a better all-around writer so I can use the practice. As far as arts and culture criticism is concerned, I see it continuing on a much shorter, faster-paced basis. Think I-phones, Blackberries and instant text reviews. Of course, there will still be some that just like the feel of a newspaper, but what's the sense is killing all those innocent trees anyway? Meanwhile, I'll be making that broccoli sending text messages about movies.